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The Restaurant

In the small, exclusive Restaurant Tutto Bello, It is personality that counts: The personality of the guest who knows how to enjoy and the personality of the owner Samson Mui.. Who knows how to satisfy the food and drink needs of his guests. In the discreet and charming ambience of Tutto Bello, owner Samson takes the time to advise each guest in person: The disces are thus as non-uniform as the guests themselves. “The special things in life are the most beautiful.” This is what Samson tells everyday to his crew and this is the way he recommends, creative, linear dishes with the best ingredients on the market.

The Menu

Tutto  Bello is offering 2 'Tasting Menus' as well as an 'A la Carte Menu' to agreement with all occasions; all feasts and that will accomodate all tastes and budgets.

The Desserts are made out of fresh fruits and creams, prepared exclusively upon order.
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Menu à la Carte

Probably the Most Creative
Italian Restaurant in Taiwan...

Menu of Gourmets

Menu of Gourmets

The Excellence of the Service is Our Commitment;
Put aside the Warm Environment...

Menu of Degustation

Menu of Degustation

Good Food; Good Drinks and a Smile:
The Best Formula....

The Chef

My name is Steve Liang, I was born into a family of lovers of fine food where my mother and grandmother used to cook for the pleasure of those around them. I became a chef from sheer passion, and never went to a vocational college. My parents instilled in me a love for gastronomy and taught me how to be serious, to be professional and how to truly love the profession. I started cooking when I was still very little! I grew up with it, and it very soon became clear to me that I wanted to carry on my career in the kitchen. My most formative experiences were trained under renowned chefs enrico bernardini and giuliano guasali. I learnt that perfection can be reached when you respected nature and the quality of the produce. You can’t make any thing good without that. My aim is to create a constantly-changing cuisine which is full of flavour with a delicate touch of the emotions and give pleasure to people.

Carte des Vins

The Wines

Due to the always-changing; updating of the wines inventory; it would be very difficult to keep an accurate list of the day for it. The Tutto Bello always source its wines from the most renowned vinages, the best producers and from several countries. The actual list can be downloaded as a pdf file